Friday, September 20, 2013

Computer Related Important Days

September 7th - Google Day - Google was founded September 7, 1998

October 3rd - Techies Day and Virus Appreciation Day

October 16th - Named in honor of the pioneering lady logician who developed most of the core concepts behind programmable logic (as in computer software), Ada Lovelace Day is an occasion for celebrating women in science.

October 28th - Bill Gates Birthday

November 30th - Computer Security Day

December 8th - 14th   Computer Science Education Week

January 7th - Nikola Tesla Day

January 27th - Thomas Edison Day

Feb 4th - Sims Day - the Sims were made on this day in 2000

April 14th - Pacman Day - Pac-Man debuted on this day in 1980.

April 27th - Morse Code Day -a tribute to the original geek code seems like a fitting way to celebrate the classic geek.

May 22nd - The Ethernet was invented on this day in 1973.

May 23rd - Alan Turning Day


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