Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cool e-mail I received.

We have an opportunity for you!
You have been identified as a leading instructional technologist and are invited to apply for Supplemental Instructional Technology Trainer (SITT) certification with McREL International. McREL International has many potential business prospects in K-12 instructional technology professional development during the upcoming school year that may require supplemental staff. If you are certified as one of our SITTs, you may be offered the chance to deliver workshops and other blended learning experiences on behalf of McREL International’s Center for Educator Effectiveness.
Benefits of becoming a SITT:
·        Four free days of instructional technology professional development at McREL International’s Headquarter in Denver, CO June 10-13 in Trainer-of-Trainers and Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works ($695 value with catered breakfast/lunch each day). This is part of the training program and regardless of future work, free for all participants. 
·        Upon certification, the chance to earn $1,050 for each full day of professional development you facilitate on McREL International’s behalf, including air, lodging, and rental car expenses.
·        Professional affiliation as a Supplemental Instructional Technology Trainer with McREL International, one of the most highly respected providers of research-based services and products to K-12 education.
How to apply for and become a certified SITT?
1.      The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) attached to this message details all of the requirements for SITT certification. You must hand sign this MoU, scan it, and attach it to an email to to be considered for a SITT slot. Refer to page 16 of the MoU for a detailed description of SITT qualifications. If you know other trusted tech savvy educators that meet these qualifications, you may forward this invitation to apply to them.
2.      Also, please attach your resume and contact information for three professional references to the same email that contains the MoU in #1.
3.      McREL International will not pay for travel, lodging, and evening meals to attend the training in Denver, CO on June 10-13. There is no reimbursement for these costs,although many school districts have been interested in paying these costs for employees to have a staff member trained in Using Technology with Classroom Instruction That Works.
4.      If you are selected for a SITT slot, you will be required to complete Module 1 only at by June 8th. There is no cost to take this Module. After the June 10-13 PD, certification will require you to finish this course of five modules and email the certificate of completion back to by July 15th, 2014.
McREL International will be accepting applications for SITT slots until May 14th. By May 16th, you will be notified by email if you did or did not receive a SITT slot for the June 10-13 PD. At that time, if you receive a PD slot, you should immediately make your travel arrangements. McREL International has special rates in nearby hotels that will be sent with the confirmation letter. 
McREL International does not guarantee that any potential SITT will be certified unless they meet all requirements set forth in the SITT MoU. There is also no guarantee that McREL International will offer any particular SITT a paid PD facilitation opportunity in the future. The likelihood of being offered a paid ($1,050/day) PD facilitation opportunity depends of business demand, McREL internal staff availability, SITT availability, and SITT proximity to clients. However, the training will be no cost to the participants, regardless of certification or future work. 

We hope you can take part in this exciting opportunity. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Matt KXXX, PhD
Managing Instructional Technologist
McREL International
4601 DTC Blvd., Suite 500
Denver, CO 80237-2596


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